Desert night tour - Inspiration under the stars

May 6, 2017

If you’re anything like me, your life ambition is to take a step in the shoes of the mysterious desert nomads who spent their days- and nights- moving from one place into another. Well, friends, let me tell you that our time has come to lace up those durable, yet somehow stylish, desert sandals and get to walking. To make a perfect opportunity even better, it’s a night tour. 


As the day settles into darkness, we did the same. With nothing more than the starlight as my torch, my steps were placed with an urgency to experience more of this world. You wouldn’t think of the desert as a place bursting with life, let alone at night, but I was glad to be proven so wrong. Our amazing guide Yoash opened the door to the inaccessible, carefully coloring our perception of what goes on in between the sandy hills of the Negev.


The night’s menu gives you a taste of everything from astronomy to vegetation to animal life, leaving you full and satisfied as you sit enjoying a coffee around a warm, crackling fire with new friends. The Desert Night Tour is a must do, whether your an avid adventurer, a casual start-gazer or just someone passing through, you’re welcome to join. 





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