The Joy of Rain (in the desert)

April 16, 2016

Ever heard of people going crazy about rain? If not, you should definitely have spent the last week in the Negev Desert. Coming from Germany, I hoped to escape the nasty European April weather and find some sun and warm temperature in the Israelian desert. Instead I found rain… lots of rain. Rain so strong that it flooded the streets and made buses and cars stuck in the middle of the desert.



To be honest, I was a bit disappointed at first being confronted with the same grey sky as I had all winter. The Israelis, who I was stuck on the bus from Be’er Sheva to Mizpe Ramon with, however, got incredibly excited and managed to pass this excitement on to me within a few moments. I was told that all the flooding was caused by just about 20 minutes of very heavy rain I couldn’t believe it. Furthermore, such flooding happen only very few times a year, if at all… and I started to realize how lucky I was to witness this phenomenon. After waiting for three hours to finally pass the part of the road that had been flooded before, all people in the bus started to sing and were still full of excitement. Leaving all former rainy disappointment behind, I would now not have wanted to be greeted by sun on my first day in Israel anymore.

After two more days of rain and thunderstorms (you can probably only imagine how crazy the Israelis (and actually me as well) now became about the rain), waterfalls developed along the main road leading to Eilat and the streets were flooded again and again…

People drove with their jeeps to see the best spots of water flushing through the Negev and no one seemed to be really able to believe what was happening.

 Even more rewarding however was the result of all the water coming down: After it had eventually stopped raining and the sun took over, the usually dry and dusty desert had turned into a paradise of little swimming pools filled by water flowing down waterfalls and stunningly green trees.


                                                                                            I guess the Negev is not only due to its pure beauty the perfect place to be but also as it can turn even northwestern Europeans into big fans of rain. Especially after a long hike in the sun…



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