Most important things to know before coming to Israel...

July 5, 2015

This blog post is about all those "LITTLE" things that they forget to tell you when you are travelling to the holy land.


Hummus gives you gas!

In Israel it is all about the Humus – Where can you find the best humus in town..? Do you have to be an Arab to really know how to make the best humus? How are you really supposed to eat humus, and how long can you travel with just eating humus?

In case you were wondering why are you so gassy during your trip to Israel, than no. – it is not our water. It is the Humus. It may look like a beige paste now, but it is made out of cheek pees after all….




Humus dosn't last

If we are already on the Humus subject; Then you should know that: * Humus cannot last out of a refrigerator for more than a few hours. * You DO NOT eat Humus after its due date, * and you defiantly do not (DO NOT) take Humus when you go hiking. In case you were wondering why your Pitta tastes funky – IT IS THE HUMUS!




The Dead Sea Burns!

The worst thing you can do to your self is shave before going into the Dead Sea. Do you like purring salt on your open wounds? If you don't – than try to wait with shaving till after your Dead Sea experience...




National parks real closing times.

If you are planning on visiting a national park on your trip, you should keep in mind, that the closing time that is advertised, is actually the time the park service workers  get in their car and go home. In order for that to happen, the parks rangers make sure that there is no one in the park the hour before. And in order for THAT to happen – they don't let you in two and a half hours before closing time. If you want to be sure that you will enjoy your day in the park – be sure to come at 8am. That way you will have enough time, and you will be there pretty much alone. Later on during the day, there is a good chance you will encounter a million loud high school kids on a field trip…


Egged is not the only bus company in Israel

It might be the easier one to google because most bus companies don't have an English website.  (Only Israelis ride the bus, didn't you know that….) but two really good websites will help you find all the buses you need: WWW.BUS.CO.IL, WWW.BUS.GOV.IL.



Tap water is drinkable

That pretty much sums it up…. Water = Drinkable.







Don't be alarmed by a shouting bus driver.

Some of the bus driver in Israel cannot speak English and that for some reason throws them off and causes them to be aggressive and shout. Don't take it personally. Let them finish and then ask a friendly face you find on the bus.



You can't leave the tip on your credit card

That line on the credit card slip you get after paying, bellow the signature one – is for your phone number and not for leaving the tip amount. Tip in Israel is only in cash.



Not everything that looks like a carton of Milk – is Milk.

=   Something in between a Yogurt and sour cream… not completely sure, but defiantly not Milk.














Kosher wine is not what you expect from wine.

You might see the low prices of sweet Kosher wine in the supermarket and think you won the jackpot, but it is not what you might have in mind… unless you are just looking to get hammered quick, as it does go down very easily and will give you a good quick kick.







Need to add Water to Tahini

Tahini is a wonderful thing, and though it's not too bad straight out of the Jar (and might even remind you a bit of peanut butter) it is a whole other story once  you add these three important ingredients: Water, Lemon and Garlic.



There is nowhere to buy food around the Dead Sea area

If you were planning on going to the supermarket ones you get to the Dead Sea, than I would reconsider. There are no supermarkets, nor convenient stores that are accessible around the Masada and Ein Gedi. Traveling by Bus or by Car – we highly recommend buying your food in Jerusalem, Beer Sheva or any other big city you are going through on your way there… 




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Most important things to know before coming to Israel...

July 5, 2015

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