Being Green 


Though we do our best to be GREEN, as our name suggests, we are actually named after the first prime minister of Israel- David Ben Guryon, who was born under the name David Green. He was a leader and a true visionary and he believed that the wilderness of the Negev desert should and could be brought to life. Being the true groupies that we are, we try and fulfill his vision through responsible and sustainable tourism.


On the other hand, The Green Backpackers may not be a self-sufficient mud-hut in the middle of the desert, but we do take pride in our own eco-friendly philosophy based on the idea that the world is already full of stuff, much of which nobody is even using, so why buy and build things out of new materials when there is so much that we can reuse?  So yes, the door handles made from an old toothpaste tube and ancient cell phone are nifty and cool, but that’s not the only reason we have them.


Here are just some of our recycled, eco-friendly household items:

Wood Burning Furnace
Living Room Furniture

Wood-burning Furnace – Fashioned by Yoash from the skeleton of an old water heater, this little guy provided all the non-human warmth through most of our first winter, and did so on scrap wood.

Living Room Furniture – The table and the couch were both made from old wooden palettes with an assist from some empty beer bottles.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds – The bed frames are the work of a local craftsman, made completely from recycled metal.

Famous Door Handles

Famous Door Handles – Okay, maybe they aren’t that famous yet, but they will be.  The toothpaste tube is inspired for sure; the phone a nod to anybody who used a cell phone in the early- to mid-90’s; and the wrench is just Yoash’s way of saying he really loves his tools.

Bed made with old water pips

These days all water pips in Israel are changed to plestic ones, so findning metal pips it not that hard.... and the result - you will just have to see for your self. 

Waste Bin out of old measuring tape

Isn't it obvious that this is what you do with old measuring tape?

Well, we needed a new waste bin so for us it was abvious in any way....

Cuttlary toilet paper holder

Who needs to buy toilet paper holders when we have so much old cuttlary laying around?!?

Shelvs made out old old DVD's

Buying cheap DVD mechines means that they break pretty fast...  but no worries - we have a lot of books that need shelvs.

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